Apr 8, 2014
Jose A. del Moral

Island Innovators Unconference in Jersey

What happens if you put together entrepreneurs, artists, fashion designers, investors, marketing gourous and coders from 20 countries in a 95,000 people island? These are the ingredients of Island Innovators, an unconference organized last weekend in Jersey, UK, by Kinnernet founder Yossi Vardi, Danny Seal and the Government of Jersey.

Locals wanted to know what is going on in the tech sector worldwide and show the advantages of their island and the 150 attendees were looking for more knowledge and networking in a relaxing atmosphere. A closed hotel, unorganized sessions, an international cooking festival and a gadgethon carnival made it possible.

I have used our algorithms to rank attendees by their social media presence and activity:

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  • Hi Jose, Was a great event and thanks for putting it up on your site. couldn’t find my name but sure that because I’m probably on the last page…