/There are around 500 blogs in the Basque Country

There are around 500 blogs in the Basque Country

We have estimated the number of blogs created in the Basque Country in Spain, by using several directories. We have counted around 500 blogs, which means that 0,025% of the population has a blog, a very short number when compared to data coming from the US or France.These are the main blogging platforms in the Basque Country:1. DiarioVasco.com, with almost 2002. Blogspot and Blogger (Google), with almost 1003. Qué! Bilbao, almost 504. Goiena.net, around 40 (only in Basque)5. Zoomblog, around 25Other platforms hosting basque blogs are Eibar.org, Ya.com, Bitacoras, Blogalia, Littera Deusto and Blogia. The main basque blog is Dirson‘s, followed by Javier Armentia‘s and Paulo Carvajal‘s.