/BlogWimax, the new blog from Alianzo

BlogWimax, the new blog from Alianzo

I am proud to announce today the birth of Alianzo’s new son, blogWimax. It is a blog about WiMax, the so called “next revolution in telecommunications”. We really believe WiMax is going to change the way you use the Internet as in the near future we will really be able to connect from anywhere, creating new services and possibilities. What is more, support from Intel gives WiMax the credibility that UMTS did not have for mobiles.We hope this new blog, completely in Spanish, will answer many of the questions that Internet users already have about this new technology. We also plan to socialize around blogWiMax, so that companies, operators, public institutions and users will be able to find in this blog a place where they can discuss and take decisions on any subject related to WiMax.Last but not least. Why a blog? Nowadays a social software company as ours has to give blogs a big part of its working time. Blogs are everywhere and demand for blogs keeps growing in Spain. Alianzo’s workers have created some of the most popular blogs in Spanish, as Dirson, cyberEuskadi, internet&euskadi or Redes Sociales. We think that professional blogs are a big help in branding, innovating or just communicating from a company.