/The blog effect and the ?blog-blogger? relationship

The blog effect and the ?blog-blogger? relationship

The case that Manu Contreras writes in his blog, ‘Proletarium’, is very curious. Some days ago he sent me a picture of the image of his mobile version of Gmail in his PSP. Apart from being published in ?google.dirson.com?, a post in the international version -to which Manu is probably not subscribed- was written too.However, Nathan Weinberg ?who published a post in ‘Inside Google’– is subscribed to it. Philipp Lenssen reads Nathan, and he wrote a post about him in ‘Google Blogoscoped’. Finally, Philipp is read in ?Forever Geek?, which did the same thing in its post.Since Manu is subscribed to ?Forever Geek?, he found out the trip of his picture, which came back to him thanks to the social relations between bloggers, who are also readers. You can also see in this search how Manu?s pic has been circulating around the blogosphere through these ?blog-blogger? relations.

Gmail en la PSP