/Blogger meets blooger in a flight and blogs him

Blogger meets blooger in a flight and blogs him

Lately, the trend seems to be to talk about bloggers in planes. This time, our main character is Jean Michel Billaut, a French pensioner, who met Rodrigo Sepúlveda-Schulz, a Spanish businessman, in a flight. And, as it couldn’t have been less, to celebrate this encounter, Jean Michel interviewed Rodrigo with his JVC camera and then blogged him via video.I think it is the best example of what is coming next. Even Rodrigo assures it in the interview (in French): “Videoblog is the next step. Images are much simpler and more attainable than writing”. I do agree with him. How many bloggers have stop writing becuase they find it very boring! In my opinion blogging videos is really powerful, as Alvaro Andoín tried to show me some time ago.We have to say that Rodrigo, together with Ivan Communod (who is in Madrid), has started a business that supplies technology to make videoblogs: Vpod.tv (Video Publishing on Demand). And Billaut is very interested on it since he has become the fibre optics guru in France. He travels from place to place -and from blog to blog- asking the city councils to finance this broadband infrastructure, following the example of Pau City Council.I agree with Rodrigo but I’m against of Billaut’s and Enrique Dans’s opinion (although after reading about his position in the comment, I take my words back). I don’t think that it’s going to be worth it that the civil services finance fibre optics, wi-fi or any other connection method because the key are not the infrastructures, but the contents.I’m surprised that the French are going to make another mistake, after the famous Minitel. This telematic pre-Internet system, that was heavily funded, only slowed up the development of the Network in France. To invest on fibre optics (or wi-fi, as Enrique Dans suggests), will only waste public funds in an infrastructure that will be obsolete in a few months time.By the way, Rodrigo also tells Jean Michel that he has been mentioned in an article in the “serious papers”, referring to Les Echos, equivalent to Expansión in Spain or The Economist in the UK. Both of them are in a flight to Las vegas, where the Consumer Electronics Show -something like Simo, but bigger- has been held.