/Buzz marketing in Capital

Buzz marketing in Capital

Lately, I?m keeping a close eye on buzz marketing, a phenomenon I have always been very interested in, above all, currently with the competition in HazRuido. The magazine Capital includes an article about buzz marketing in its January issue: ?El boca oreja hace furor? (?Oral transmission is causing sensation?).It claims that “the Internet and short text messages have boosted the effect of this kind of communications”. It also affirms something as conclusive as that ?people are not influenced anymore by TV when it comes to choosing a product”.And it is true. I remember those old advertising campaigns, mainly for kids, that used to show a stamp saying “advertised on TV”, as a guarantee of the product. This is being put aside; however, lots of times we buy what we see on TV because it seems easier not to make a mistake.Nonetheless, this argument may be forgotten in a world of blogs and social networks, where it is easier to find someone who?s bought that thing we are looking for. One day we?ll write ?audi? in a search box and it?ll tell us which relatives or friends have got this car and their degree of satisfaction. And that will be far more valuable than an ad on TV.The article also talks about a buzz marketing campaign organized by Port Aventura: it includes the creation of the Web Keloflipas.com and a false bidding on eBay. Apparently, this job by Seis Grados has received 400.000 visits thanks to oral transmission.The article mentions the promotion campaigns for films like Harry Potter, Star Wars or King Kong. A close example is “The passion of the Christ”, which had a low advertising budget and therefore used buzz marketing to catch the attention of the internauts; the Web site received nearly 300.000 visits. The agency that made it was 101rpm.The article also puts forward some interesting conclusions:- Buzz marketing is not for any product. The best ones to advertise are gadgets, videogames, films, music, clothing brands and amusement products in general.- Buzz marketing is highly recommendable for the youth.- The product advertised must be good; this is one of the credibility factors of buzz marketing.