/Only one blog mentioned in AIMC’s questionnaire about the use of the Internet in Spain

Only one blog mentioned in AIMC’s questionnaire about the use of the Internet in Spain

Blogs still have a long way to walk to become a mass phenomenon. Despite growing very fast, even the most visited ones are far behind the main portals and online Spanish newspapers, not to mention Google. Today we’ve got new interesting data.The traditional annual questionnaire by AIMC, the company that works for the General Media Study (Estudio General de Medios, EGM in Spanish), points out that among the 100 most mentioned Web pages there are only two blogs. What’s more, one of them is more a forum than a web log: BandaAncha.st, in the 48th position. The other one, in the 35th place, is Barrapunto. Wikipedia, the 68th, has also been mentioned, although it can’t be considered a blog technically speaking.I haven’t attached any importance to this questionnaire for a long time now. Despite the big and constant effort made by its authors, the simple fact that it is filled in on the Internet and on one’s own free will (which means that the people that take part in it don’t necessarily fit in the Spanish average profile) minimizes its credibility.Especially in relation to one of the new questions added this year: “Do you have a blog/Web log?”. Apparently, 21% of the interviewees answered yes, even though only 6% of them update their blogs “frequently”. These data are amazing but not very reliable.Blogs are also mentioned in another section of the questionnaire: when specifying the Internet activities carried out within the last month. Blog-reading is in the 13th place in the ranking (after being highlighted by 29% of the people asked). But it is behind any other activity except for photo publishing (22%), job hunting (27%) or watching porn (28%).