/Podcast: leave me a voice comment

Podcast: leave me a voice comment

Macromedia Flash technology gives Web pages the multimedia characteristics that HTML can’t give. I wrote yesterday that Macromedia itself is using this technology to develop the Breeze platform, which allows users to communicate among themselves, that Google couldn’t offer with the recently launched ‘Gmail + Google Talk‘.Odeo, the company created by an ex-Googler that makes, organizes and finds podcast files, has just announced that now it allows podcast listeners to leave audio comments. Exactly the same way that they create the contents of a podcast, clients can now record their own opinions through Flash. You can try in this podcast that I’ve created.We can even add a button to our blog to invite our visitors to record greetings. For instance, if you click in the one bellow you can leave me any comment:Send Me An OdeoIf someone does so, I’ll receive a warning Email with a link to the recording.There are already lots of people using podcast technology to comment on anything they want (news, opinions), while they still write down texts for their blogs. It is feasible to develop much richer personal communication channels almost without any means with so easy-to-use technologies like Odeo, that even allows us to record messages via a Webcam.But I still prefer writing since it gives us time to think about what we are telling (both when posting and when commenting) without the big effort that editing an audio or video file requires. Nonetheless, I still find the idea of ‘Send me an Odeo’ very attractive.