/How to create a successful blog

How to create a successful blog

Find someone famous to criticise; search for technical arguments; spread a positive message about free software and other related topics (copyleft, hackers); find a club of bloggadicts and set up something interesting (Web 2.0 if possible). These are the strategies used by two famous bloggers who share lots of things in common and have experienced the highest rises in our ranking of blogs during the last few months.There is no need to write their names down. Both are Argentinean; both love Majorca; both have set up telecommunications businesses; both blog non-stop; both have recently started Web 2.0 projects; both have found a bitter enemy, and both are enjoying a great success in the Spanish and international blogosphere.By the way, we hope they both join us in Blogak 2.0 to tell us how they did it. To tell you the truth, this post is just an excuse to announce the conferences that we are organizing for the next 6th of April at the University of Deusto, in Bilbao, with the support of several public institutions and Eside (the university?s engineering faculty).