/Web 2.0’s 25 North American companies

Web 2.0’s 25 North American companies

Business 2.0, a magazine integrated in CNN.com, has gathered what they believe that are the 25 companies of the Web 2.0.Even though they’ve forgotten about Alianzo (for the time being) we’ll pay a bit of attention to them, but we hope that someone reads this and starts the same project for the Spanish Web 2.0. “There are so many things going on!” claims the journalist who’s created the list.1. Social tool companies (blogs, picture sharing, etc.): Digg (content), Last.fm (music), Newsvine (article, and income, sharing), Tagworld (tags), YouTube (videos)and…. Yahoo!2. Companies that make mashups with contents taken from different sources (it’s very common to do so with Google maps, like we did for Bilbao.bi or like Fon): Bloglines (RSS aggregator), Eurekster (search engine), Simply Hired(jobs), Technorati, Trulia (state agency), Wink (tag search engine for sites like Delicious or Digg) and… Google.3. IP phone services: Fonality (free software for phone switchboards), SIPphone (similar to Skype), Iotum (software that sends you calls to the most convenient point for you), Vivox (similar to Skype) and… Skype.4. Internet applications, normally Ajax-based: JotSpot (wikis), 30Boxes (social networks), 37Signals (online project management -Basecamp is its best known product), Writely (online texts treatment), Zimbra (online mail) and… Microsoft (if it finally manages to impose its Windows Live).5. The impossible to classify: Brightcove (Online TV distributor), Jigsaw (commercial contact management that uses common databases), SimpleFeed (marketing via RSS), Salesforce.com (CRM online), Six Apart (blogs) and… Amazon (including Alexa).