/Bloggers’ female fans

Bloggers’ female fans

When I still had acne, I remember being jealous of football players and singers; they were always surrounded by pretty girls: their fans. One day, when I was studying at University, I started to feel envious of Mario Conde, a Spanish businessman who committed fraud and who used to drive my female classmates crazy. And now I get a strange feeling, that I can?t describe, when I see bloggers taking pictures with their fans.

Last week’s Blogak 2.0 is the nearest example:-Lady Pain took a picture with Dirson (“well known Spanish blogger from Bilbao”)-Another IT student, Loretahur, got her longed pic with her idol, Ricardo Galli (“getting to know him in person was a great pleasure and I hope it’s not the last time”).

Someone that nobody could photograph was Borjamari. Apparently, something came up in the last minute and he couldn?t attend the conferences. And now, among friends, who doesn?t long for a photo with La Petite Claudine?