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Book about blogs

Lately, I see blogs everywhere and I am even starting to dream of them. The reason why I write this is because I?ve had the pleasure of taking part in a very exhaustive book about blogs, coordinated by José Manuel Cerezo from Fundación Auna. It will be presented in Madrid on Monday 24th and I guess that most of the co-authors will attend (it’ll gather the ?Jet Set? of the blogosphere): the brilliant Pepe Cervera (the other day, one acquaintance re-baptisedhim as the ?Javier Nart of the Internet”), the omnipresent Enrique Dans, Adolfo Estalella, the trio TricasRuizMerelo, my ex-workmate José Antonio Gelado, Hernán Casciari, Gemma Ferreres, Juan Varela, Juan Zafra (from Red.es), the ‘blogolitic’ Nacho Escolar, Rafael Chamorro, Fernando Polo and the historic Vicent Partal (founder of Vilaweb, a project online that started when the Internet was wearing nappies).