/Most MSN bloggers are women

Most MSN bloggers are women

Most MSN Space bloggers are young women of around 18. This is what Víctor Ruiz comments in the Blogs and Communications Media Conferences (Jornadas de Bitácoras y Medios de Comunicación) in Granada, where I?ll take part later on. Apparently, JJ Merelo, Fernando Tricas and him (the Blogometre creators) have made a research from 50000 blogs that they downloaded from the Internet.Now he is talking about the ?dictatorship of the link?, that determines which are the most popular blogs. Ruiz also analyses the evolution of the most famous blogs in Spain, which have change considerably since 2004. “The elite of the blogosphere changes a lot from one year to the next”, he says.And it is true. Barrapunto is the only blog to be among the top 5 every year; however, I find it surprising that Microsiervos wasn’t in the list of 2005, where the authors have included blogs like “La maté por un yogur” (“I killed her for a yogurt?) and “Herramientas para blogs” (?Tools for blogs?), which aren’t there exactly because of theirpopularity. These two blogs are visited by many people who do so out of habit, which has nothing to do with real popularity.Ruiz assures that the entrance of ?Herramientas para blogs?, by Marcelino Madrigal, in the blogosphere?s elite has provoked a big ?controversy?. From his point of view, MSN blogs are blogs, even though they are not considered so by many others. ?The success of this blog lies in explaining how to use MSN blogs?, Ruiz explains before reminding the public that there are lots of MSN users.And now the question is related to girls. There are none in the blogosphere?s elite. Ruiz can?t answer to that, but he dares to draw a conclusion. In general, MSN blogs don?t appear linked to other blogs and it seems that girls do normally blog in MSN. He asks for new theories.Some other interesting topics that Víctor Ruis puts forwards:- The most linked paper online is elmundo.es, but elpais.es has climbed up the list during the last year-Barrapunto is not the most linked blog anymore, since Libertad Digital took it over.