/Novel based on a wiki

Novel based on a wiki

Collaborative literature. That is what the authors of the Wikinovel have in mind; it is a collective creation project on the Internet, where writers like Espido Freire, Juan José Millás and Jon Arretxe will take part, each of them in a different language (English, Spanish and Basque). Alianzo has created the technological platform, but the rest is the work of an enthusiastic research group from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of Deusto.

Besides, it is sponsored by Banco Santander and the Spanish paper El Correo Digital (Vocento) is also collaborating. The combination of technology, media and, above all, tones of literature has encouraged an incredible number of participants. It has been visited by 2000 people in the project’s first 12 hours, and tens of authors have taken part including theirs own texts to complete the Wikinovel.