/LeWeb3: The death of TV?

LeWeb3: The death of TV?

Two discussions in a row about the future of TV. The death of TV, somebody called them. What is clear is that entrepeneurs working on this area, as Rodrigo Sepúlveda, from VPodTV, are far away from the majority of the Internet users. “I watch some TV programs, but only on my computer or on my iPod”, he said. I don’t believe so many people do so.

Benjamin Bejbaum, from Dailymotion, the French YouTube, also took part. He was a bit more realistic. “Advertisement based TVs are going to be in trouble”, he said. The conclusion was very clear: TV will not disappear but will change. Ohhh! I think I did not need to come all the way to Paris to learn that ;-)Another issue was monetising these sites. None of them said they were profitable. In fact, almost everybody attending the conference thought that all these European players will be bought by American ones if they are ever successful.