/Kinnernet’s conclusions

Kinnernet’s conclusions

Yesterday Kinnernet was over and had a party in Tel Aviv. We are today in The Marker, which is the main Internet congress in Israel. The format is quite weird: round tables with experts that were with us in Kinernet and presentations of local startups. There are so many startups in Israel!! These are my conclusions of Kinnernet.

1. Consumer generated whatever is the year’s word. Forget about Web 2.0. The issue is that users and consumers are generating everything: contents, commerce, thoughts, ideas, knowledge…

2. Money is important but not the only source of startups. You need an entrepeneurial culture mixed with networking. You need people with ideas and projects to mix with government officials and with VCs (venture capitalists). It is all about networking.

3. Innovating is not just about ideas. Creativity needs the right environment and the right support to become innovation. Kinnernet is one of those environments which are so hard to recreate.

4. The Internet is becoming mobile. And mobile is becoming free. This is going to be one of the main changes in the future.

5. Twitter is the most fashioned web 2.0 product of the moment. Everybody in Kinernet was using it, instead of IM products. What are its advantages? Mainly, that it does not require immediate attention and it is quite easy to use.

6. The blackberry is required if you want to constantly keep up with your mail and with twitter. I guess I will have to get one.

A great video about Kinnernet: http://de.sevenload.com/videos/6VDbkRG/Kinnernet07-Fast-forward