/Map of world social networks

Map of world social networks

Happy 2009! As a present to our community, Urtzi and I have mapped the main social networks worldwide. The image attached to this post (click on it to see it bigger), which you can use at your will, has 5 different types of social networks:

– General ones, which are in the middle, including local leaders in Brazil (Orkut), Corea (CyWorld), Japan (Mixi) and several South American countries (Hi5).

– Fan networks, divided into the main subjecs people want to share: cooking, traveling, blogging, music, books, pets, movies, games…

– Networks you only use while you belong to a certain group of people during a part of your life. This can be because you are a teenager or become a father, and also if you or your partner have a certain health concern.

– Networks in which content sharing is the most important thing, more than the personal connections. These are divided into videos, photos, links and… shops (yes, when you select one among the others or you upload some information about a restaurant).

– Networks in which people have a professionnal or political will. Linkedin is the most known, but there are also very interesting open innovation networks and the new activists networks.