/“The Real Time Web”: The new buzz word for 2009

“The Real Time Web”: The new buzz word for 2009

Every year we have a trend. Blogs, social networks, social media and crowdsourcing have been with us for the last 3 years. But their kingdom is over. The new buzz word is “The Real Time Web“. That’s what Twitter is all about. And some people even think Twitter (and Facebook) are going to come over Google, who has missed this trend.

Can it be true? I am not so sure. I remember people saying the same 3 years ago when Technorati was used to search on new stuff, faster than Google. Then Google launched its own blog search engine. In any case, this type of searches are not so popular. People are not so obsessed by new stuff as some journalists think.

The Real Time Web is not so much about information and search. It is about connections. People are talking in real time and that’s happening on Twitter. Should Google be worried? I don’t think so. It could launch its own tool, as it has already done with GTalk, but I really think Google should focus more on search and company applications. Not so much on real time.

The Real Time Web is a new business. It will probably be full of ads and real time commercial information. It will surely be a very profitable one. But it won’t kill Google’s business. People will keep searching historical data and old stuff. And Google has been so far unbeatable on this respect.