/How could Facebook make money

How could Facebook make money

I am shocked every time somebody tells me he does not believe that Twitter or Facebook will ever make any money. You must be faithful, I answer. If you have millions of people who are addicted to you, who need you, who come to your site (or to your data) every day, you will surely make money. It doesn’t matter how. You will make it for sure. So how? These are some ideas.

1. Premium services. Facebook can charge a certain amount to some users, as Flickr does to those who need more storage space.
2. Direct marketing charges. That’s so clear, it does not need any explanation. Remember it’s Facebook who owns the inboxes.
3. Advertising. Facebook is already using this. I know its users don’t click on the ads so much, but Facebook is more like TV than like a search engine. It should be paid by brand generation and not on clicks. Its users are so worried about communicating that they don’t want to be disturbed by any advertising message.
4. Selling virtual gifts. This is a big market which is ready to develop. In the future, we will give many virtual presents. As people start spending as much time on Facebook as in the streets, they will need virtual clothes besides real ones.
5. Market research. Surveys will never be made on the phone any more. It’s just too expensive. Facebook is much more efficient.