/Is Google turning evil?

Is Google turning evil?

Anil Dash’s post on “Google’s Microsoft moment” is just great. Specially if you match it with the fact that many Googlers are leaving the company and that it’s constantly launching more products focused on companies. It’s so clear that Google is changing its culture to a more similar to that of Microsoft. Does that mean that it’s turning evil?

Anil Dash explains that it’s not the case, though the big challenge for Google will now be to internalize the changes it’s going thru. It’s a just a cultural change, which he explains with these indicators:

– It’s now designing things mainly fot people who use their applications. It’s specially the case of Google Chrome.

– It’s designing competing product lines (Chrome and Android), as Microsoft did with Windows NT and Windows 95.

– Google is using offline events to launch its new products. The Google I/O event was a very big example.

– Gootle has reached the point of corporate ambition.