/Great networkers in Silicon Valley

Great networkers in Silicon Valley

Some of the best people I have met in Silicon Valley are all great networkers who organize meetups. Curiously, most of them were women and none were programmers but loved being surrounded by engineers. Why do they do this? To contribute to the ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

I have already talked here about Myles Weislleder and Vincent Lauria, who organize San Francisco and Silicon Valley NewTech conferences every single month, and about Kate Imbach, who organizes Mobile Monday Silicon Valley. Great guys!

Sudha Jamthe is probably the greatest of Silicon Valley’s networkers. She organizes Facebook and Twitter Applications Meetups in Mountain View and Palo Alto. People share their twitter and facebook apps and get feedback from other app developers and entrepreneurs.

Perrine Crampton is lately co-organizing these meetups with Sudha Jamthe. Both make a great team and their meetups were great! Something funny happened with Parrine, as I happened to know her cousin before her.

Shirley Lin is another great friend. She organizes an Entrepeneurs’ Roundtable every month in Palo Alto and also helps in many other meetups, specially with her camera. What I like the most of her meetups is that there is no bullshit, as she asks speakers to talk about their failures.

Catherine Burton organizes every month the WebMapSocial Meetup in which social apps and mashups are shown in Googleplex:

Wesley Barrow is organizing the San Francisco New Media Drinkup every month in San Francisco.

Daya Baran and Reshma Kumar work for Silicon Valley WebGuild and also organize Startup Idol, a contest for startups: