/Spanish bank Sabadell will crowdsource its employees’ ideas

Spanish bank Sabadell will crowdsource its employees’ ideas

bsideaSpanish bank Banco Sabadell has launched an online tool, BS Idea, so that its employees can crowdsource their ideas. The question is now if people will actually use it. They think so and show some data from the first 15 days: 4,000 new users (the company has around 9,500 employees) have created 1,600 new ideas.

Of course quality is very important, as well as the number of people voting. No data has been disclosed on this respect, as it is probably too early to know if it is a lot or not. Some votes are probably just trials, with no real value. I will ask them in two months, together with the number of ideas which are finally applied by the company, as this is a very important way to measure the success rate.

As of the carrots that Banco Sabadell is using in order to boost the use of the new tool, this is what ideas4all, the people who power it, told me:
– People can vote on their colleague’s ideas, which creates a sense of competition.
– People can suggest new ideas without censorship. Apparently, somebody in the company classifies the ideas in 5 levels and 17 categories, deppending on how they can be used internally.
– People use the corporate intranet, so they don’t need to use a new login system.
– There is an electronic newsletter in which the best ideas are shared, together with some info on the ones that have been selected.
– Special requests for participation will be addressed by the company periodically so that employees increase the use of the tool related to a certain concern in the bank.
– They assume they can not get everybody taking part, but what they want in a short term is to have a group of heavy users (5 to 10% of employees)