/Vevo surpasses Dailymotion in Spain

Vevo surpasses Dailymotion in Spain

ComScore has just released data about the most successful video viewing (and most of the time also sharing) sites in Spain. Results are as expected with some exceptions: Vevo is larger than Dailymotion and there is no single Spanish company among the first 5 properties. Vevo is a music video website owned by Sony, Universal and Abu Dhabi Media. According to Comscore, France’s Dailymotion is the second largest video site in the world after YouTube. Not in Spain, it seems.

These are the top Spanish online video content properties by total unique viewers in October 2010:
1. Google (Youtube): 16,7 unique viewers
2. Vevo: 3,9
3. Dailymotion: 3,5
4. Microsoft (Bing and Live): 3,4
5. Facebook: 3,2
6. RCS (Marca.com, Elmundo.es): 3,1
7. Prisa (Elpais.com): 3
8. Viacom (MTV, Paramount): 2,4
9. Hispavista (Tu.tv): 2,1
10. Rtve.es: 2,1