/Badoo is the most abandoned social network among Spaniards

Badoo is the most abandoned social network among Spaniards

19% of Spain’s Internet users who left a social network during 2012 (50% of total users of social networks) abandoned Badoo. This is the highest among all social networks, even more than Hi5 (14%), Tuenti (13%), MySpace (12%) and Twitter (12%). On the opposite, the networks that had the lowest rates of abandonement were FourSquare, Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube.

In 80% of the times, abandoned networks were substituted by Facebook. This is clear for MySpace and Hi5, but not so obvious for Badoo, which is mainly used for dating. As of Tuenti, it has a high rate of change among youngsters who, when they become older than 25, move to Facebook.

This data comes from the latest study of Spain’s Internet Advertising Bureau and it’s based on almost 1,000 online surveys. There are many more interesting facts:

– 79% of Internet users in Spain do use social networks
– 78% of social networks’ users do access at least once every day
– 56% of social networks’ users do access thru mobile devices. Most of them are women under 30
– Pinterest is mainly used by women older than 40
– Badoo is mainly used by men older than 40
– FourSquare is preferred by women under 30
– Instagram is the network that has grown the most in 2012. Hi5 is the one that has decreased the most
– The main networks in Spain are, in order, Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Linkedin and Google+