/McDonald’s beats Burger King on social media

McDonald’s beats Burger King on social media

Recently, the Twitter profile of Burger King has been hacked by the account of Anonymous. In Alianzo, related with this, we have done a special ranking of fast food world chains to discover the level of involvement they have in social networks and their relationship with their fans.

The 2013 most relevant Top 10 fast food chains in social networks who lead this classification are: Starbucks, McDonald´s USA, Taco Bell, Domino´s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC,Dunkin Donuts, Subway y Panera Bread.

Starbucks, leads the ranking with 87 points as it has a very good interaction with customers in social networks. On Facebook and Twitter, fans and followers share the experiences they have had with the brand. From Starbucks, they share pictures of their best products and the latest news. They congratulate fans on special dates and publish news very regularly. They also have good profiles on networks like Youtube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Pinterest.

Mc Donald’s USA, is the second in the ranking with 84 points. On Facebook and Twitter they advertise new products and promotions, they speak a lot about the importance of quality and health. They have good profiles in LinkedIn and Pinterest and have videos on Youtube with good content. They also have profiles on Google Plus and Foursquare.

On the third position is Taco Bell, on Facebook they have many post and a very well divided content into categories, they encourage people to participate asking them what are their favorite products. On Twitter they make many hashtags in which people interact much.

Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Subway and Panera Bread occupy the following positions in the ranking.

In conclusion, the growth of new technologies has led to a globalization that brings increasingly close relations of people over the Internet. It is clear that fast food brands are not detached from this progress and focus all their efforts on positioning their brand and ensure its clients both locally and globally through competitive strategies.

Here you can see the entire presentation of the study: