/Hamilton leads on social networks

Hamilton leads on social networks

Hamilton is the F1 driver with the highest score on social media. His relationship with fans and his regular use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus and Instagram make him the most influential pilot, well above Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Heikki Kovalainen, Sergio Perez, Jean Eric Vergne,Felipe Massa, Vitaly Petrov and Mark Webber.

On Twitter, Hamilton’s hobby is to tweet his daily life. This has brought him more than a quarrel with his teammate Jenson Button. He talks about his private life and his girlfriend and publishes messages and pictures from the places they visit. On Facebook he has +1.4 million fans.

Fernando Alonso on Twitter, has more than 1.5 million followers, he tweets war proverbs, talks his day-by-day life as a pilot, discusses his training with the simulator, his racing experiences, his trips or his involvement in advertising, among other stories. On his Facebook page, he publishes pictures of his awards in the various circuits and other curiosities such as ‘talking to his Ferrari’, antidopping controls and even combat gossip harassment publishing pictures of his girlfriend Dasha Kapustina.

Jenson Button says on Twitter he likes putting himself through pain in triathlons and that he loves his cat. He talks about his trips and he uses hashtags and he mentions his friends and followers. On his Facebook page he wrote daily reports about what he does in the races, triathlons… He also upload photos of the races, the cars… On Google + he shares photos of beautiful places and he congratulates his Formula 1 mates when they won a race.On his channel of YouTube he uploads videos about the different races and he talks about his personal experience.

Nico Rosberg from Mercedes GP Team is a heavy user of Facebook, where he posts funny videos that he finds on the Internet. The british Formula 1 racing driver Jenson Button is on 5th place on social media. He usually rides a bike around the circuit and shares media through Twitter and Lockerz.

Heikki Kovalainen, who occupies the 5th place on social media, uses applications like Heikki’s Angry Birds Game for building loyalty among young audiences on Facebook. He publishes videos with messages to all his fans. He shows pictures of his last races.

Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing Team, despite being the world leader in the F1 drivers’ championship with 281 points, is quite behind other pilots on social media.

Mark Webber, from Red Bull Racing, shares photos of pilots’ helmets on his Facebook profile.

Only 8 of the best 25 pilots have accounts on Youtube. Jean-Eric Vergne is the unique F1 driver who is present on Pinterest. Alonso, Hamilton and Vergne are  the only ones that use Instagram. Hamilton and Button are the ones that use Google +. Most of them use Twitter and Facebook.

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