/Alianzo launches the first VKontakte ranking in the world

Alianzo launches the first VKontakte ranking in the world

And you may wonder ¿Why VKontakte and not another one? Vkontakte was initially created in 2006 for Russian students and it has become the biggest European social network with more than 195 million users and 23 million connections per day. Alianzo wants to count with all existing resources to determine who the ones that best do in social media are.

The branches that best do in VKontakte are multinationals like Coca-Cola, Samsung Mobile and Adidas. Russian delegations are the following ones: Greenpeace and Pepsi. Here you can check the evolution of the ranking:

Shakira, Tom Cruise and the Russian Prime Minister are examples of people who have an updated profile in VK and are currently competing to be in the top positions.

You can now introduce your VKontakte profile in order to improve your position in AlianzoRank and know how far your influence in social media can arrive.

If you are not familiar with Vkontakte, you may be interested in knowing that it has a similar interface to Facebook. However, it includes some improvements for the users. Curiously, there is no publicity by the moment or intentions of incorporating it.

In addition, VKontakte is considered to be more reliable in terms of privacy because the published contents can’t be indexed by any search engine.

VK was founded by Pável Dúrov. It is now translated into 38 languages, occupies the 19th position in Alexa’s worldwide ranking of the best 500 sites and is the second most visited website in Rusia, overcoming Facebook.