/New rankings: Weibo (Chinese social network) and Vine

New rankings: Weibo (Chinese social network) and Vine

In Alianzo we are constantly creating new rankings for local or new social networks. We are actually the company that analyzes the largest number of social media in the world and our goal is to maintain this advantage for our multinational customers. The last netwoks we have added are China’s Weibo and Twitter’s Vine.

Vine is a short 6 second video network powered by Twitter. It has more than 40 million users, called viners principally interested in creative matters, especially music. If you are already using Vine, you can watch this short video in which some colleagues explain how to get the code that identifies your Vine user (note: it’s getting easier, as users start creating their own web profile, as I just did).

Weibo is one of the top social networks worldwide, thanks to the high population of its home country, China. As opposed to the other leading network in China, Tencent Qzone (part of the QQ network), which is kind of a Chinese Facebook, Weibo is compared to Twitter, as you can not include posts longer than 140 characters. In fact, Weibo means microblog. There is a big difference, though, between what you can write with 140 Chinese characters and the same amount in English.

We are very interested in the Chinese market and we are already working on incorporating Tencent as our next social network. Both Sina Weibo and Tencent Qzone are full of big brands, from China and from the rest of the world, which makes them very attractive for our social metrics tools. These data about the Chinese Internet market explain its importance:

– There are more than 600 million Internet users in China. This is more than 72% of the population in most urban areas.

– Chinese people love social networks. 91% of Internet users in China do use social networks. This is a much higher percentage than in the US (72%).

– Weibo had more than 500 million users at the end of 2012 and 70% of them were under 30 years old. 50 million posts are published every single day on this network. It’s forbidden to post fakes and also retweet something more than 500 times.

– 56% of Weibo’s users follow at least one commercial brand. What’s more impressing is that 60% of people who use social networks in China have bought something after a marketing action on these networks.

– Weibo is to be blamed for half of all mobile traffic in China. Mobile is in any case much more important in China than in Europe or the US.

– Qzone is even bigger: it has more than 700 million users. But most of them are using Tencent’s instant messaging tool (QQ) and not so much the social networking features.

– Qzone’s owner, Tencent, had revenues of 7 billion dollars in 2012. This money does not come from advertising as much as it does in the US. On the opposite, the main generator of revenues for social networks in China are virtual goods and micropayments.

– The instant messaging sector is also getting quite crowded in China. Leading this market is Tencent’s WeChat (236 million users), though QQ is also a very similar service.

These are the main social social media worldwide (in terms of monthly active users), where you will notice that 3 of the top 10 are from China:

1. Facebook: 1.15 billion
2. YouTube (Google): 1 billion (unique visitors)
3. Qzone/QQ (Tencent): 712 million
4. Weibo (Sina): 500 million
5. WhatsApp: 400 million
6. Google+: 327 million
7. Skype: 280 million
8. LINE: 275 million
9. Twitter: 240 million
10. WeChat (Tencent): 236 million
11. Weibo (Tencent): 220 million
12. LinkedIn: 184 million
13. Youku (Youku-Tudou): 175 million (unique visitors)
14. Instagram (Facebook): 150 million
15. Odnoklassniki (DST, uno de los principales accionistas de Facebook): 148 million
16. Dailymotion (Orange): 116 million (unique visitors)
17. Tudou (Youku-Tudou): 114 million
18. Nimbuzz: 100 million
19. Tumblr (Yahoo): 100 million (and 300 million unique visitors)
20. Vimeo (IAC): 100 million (unique visitors)
21. Flickr (Yahoo): 87 million (registered)
22. VKontakte: 65 million
23. RenRen (Oak Pacific Interactive): 54 million
24. Pinterest: 50 million
25. Badoo: 45 million
26. Orkut (Google): 44 million
27. Foursquare: 40 million
28. Vine (Twitter): 40 million
29. Viadeo: 35 million (unique visitors)
30. MySpace (Specific Media): 30 million
31. SnapChat: 20 million
32. Tagged: 20 million
33. LiveJournal (SUP Media): 11 million
34. Tuenti (Telefónica): 10 million
35. Xing: 10 million