/World’s Best Restaurants on Social Media

World’s Best Restaurants on Social Media

Two organizations compete for the best restaurant recommendation lists in the world: the Michelin Guide and the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. So my colleague Ander Uribe has compiled the 113 three star restaurants and the top 100 from the Best Restaurants in order to produce the best of the best in terms of their social media. As both lists are also fighting against each other and marketing has become and important part of those wars, we can also extract some conclusions about them.

This is the final rank of the 180 World’s Best Restaurants on Social Media:

And these are the main conclusions:
– There are only 33 restaurants in both lists, which is quite shocking.
– The three best in terms of their social media marketing are in Spain. The Social & Food Media country?
– The first and second one, Martin Berasategui and Mugaritz, are only in one of the two lists. Are they being pushed up by the Michelin and Best Restaurants guides?
– Most restaurants which are not in the Best Restaurants list but are in the Michelin Guide happen to be French (Le Petit Nice, Guy Savoy, Hertog Jan, Pierre Gagnaire, Pavillon Ledoyen, Pic, Le Meurice and L’Astrance, among the 20 first on Alianzo).
– The Best Restaurants Guide is better distributed geographically, at least in terms of Europe and America.
– Many of them use Pinterest (though Twitter and Facebook are kings) but very few have created profiles on Pinterest.
– Most restaurants do not really fight to have the best social media. Their battle is probably in their kitchens, with Facebook and FourSquare being kept alive by their customers.