/San Francisco leads the startup world on Social Media

San Francisco leads the startup world on Social Media

We wanted to know which cities cumulated the most startups, so we searched on Alianzo as startup is one of the words people use to tag their profiles. What we found is not so extraordinary: San Francisco leads the startup world on social media, as 22% of the profiles tagged as startup on Alianzo from the world’s Top 100 cities are based in the Californian hub.

This is not counting other Silicon Valley towns, as San Jose, Mountain View or Palo Alto. In second place comes New York, with 976 (9%), which makes more sense as this is one of the main cities in the world, both in terms of population and GDP. The first non US city is London, 5th, with almost 6% of the startups.

In Europe also Paris beats Berlin, and Barcelona is quite ahead Madrid. Stocholm, Munich and Hamburg are also well placed. Out of America and Europe, Tel Aviv is the first startup hub, right above Singapore. Tokyo and Sydney come later on. These data do not mean there are more startups in these cities, but that their new ventures are using social media intensely.

This is the whole rank:

  1. San Francisco: 22%
  2. New York: 9%
  3. Los Angeles: 6%
  4. Chicago: 6%
  5. London: 6%
  6. Seattle: 5%
  7. Boston: 4%
  8. San Diego: 4%
  9. Atlanta: 3%
  10. San Jose: 3%
  11. Portland: 2%
  12. Dallas: 2%
  13. Paris: 2%
  14. Washington DC: 2%
  15. Houston: 2%
  16. Denver: 2%
  17. Miami: 2%
  18. Berlin: 2%
  19. Toronto: 1%
  20. Philadelphia: 1%
  21. Minneapolis: 1%
  22. Barcelona: 1%
  23. Phoenix: 1%
  24. Madrid: 1%
  25. Baltimore: 1%