/Some data of Linkedin that you did not know

Some data of Linkedin that you did not know

Did you know that you can only follow 5,000 people on Linkedin? Is it enough? This is one of Linkedin’s data that you probably did not know and that we have compiled for you.

– Every user has three free backlinks that will help him/her rank on Google with certain keywords.

– You can only follow 5,000 users, but you can connect with as many as you want.

– You are allowed to join 100 groups. Remember: you can not join 101, so you have to decide which ones are the most interesting for you. Anyway, it used to be 50 until very recently.

– You can own/manage 30 groups and moderate 50. A group can not have more than 10 managers and 20,000 members. There are more than 2 million groups on Linkedin.

You can not download more than 20 files from Linkedin (and Slideshare) per day.

– Adding a professional photo makes you 12 times more searchable and listing your skills makes your profile 13 times more viewed.