/Can a government boost the use of social networks

Can a government boost the use of social networks

The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), leaded by congresswoman Lourdes Muñoz, has taken to the Parliament a resolution in which it pushes the Government to promote the Web 2.0 in Spain. But will a Government effort have any effect in the creation of contents in social networks?

The reasons for this proposal are to be found, according to Muñoz, in the fact that most people just browse and don’t contribute. “Only 20% of Internet users in Spain take part in social networks”, says Muñoz, who is herself a computer engineer.

There are two main issues to debate in this respect:
– Is such a government effort necessary?
– Can a government boost the use of social networks and blogs?

Of course governments can help change things, but only creating the necessary structure. As an example, people don’t create contents in Spain because they have nothing to say, they feel ashamed or they are just lazy. The three things can only be changed thru education and this is clearly a government’s responsibility.

There is another issue here. Politicians think society has to improve, while they do not change themselves. It’s not the case of Muñoz, who is an intensive blogger and twitterer. But most of Spanish congressmen don’t have a blog nor tweet. I know, though, that Muñoz is trying to change this situation by teaching his colleagues the use of social media.