/Most popular tweets by Youtubers in 2017

Most popular tweets by Youtubers in 2017

Though subscriptions to their channels are not growing at the same speed, Youtubers are the current stars of the new media. One of them, Spanish-Norwegian Rubén Doblas (@elrubius) wrote one of the 5 most retweeted tweets of history. And last year their tweets were also among the most popular, as counted by Alianzo’s tools by adding their comments, favs and retweets.

Most of those messages are jokes or funny pictures of their pets or even comments about Trump, as is the case of Californians Meghan Camarena (@strawburry17) and Tré Melvin (@tremelvin). Among the top 3 tweets there is also one from Brazilian Whindersson Nunes (@whindersson) in which he challenges his followers to retweet him if they want his pigtail to be gone.

Abortion in Oklahoma was the issue of the most popular tweet by Andrea Russett (@andrearussett) and soccer was in the one that got @elrubius into this list. Some of Felix Arvid Ulf (@pewdiepie) made to the top but we are not including them as they were later deleted, probably because of the controversies he was involved into.

These are the most popular tweets by Youtubers in 2017: