/Community managers of Brazil: rising professionals with a bright future

Community managers of Brazil: rising professionals with a bright future

CM brazilBrazil is the country that most uses social networks around the world, its habitants spend an average of 13 hours, being the number far superior to the countries that follows it: Russia and Argentina, according to a study by consultancy comScore.

The middle class in Brazil is rapidly expanding and increasingly accessing to the Internet. Social Media are very popular due to the idiosyncrasies of Brazilians that are highly sociable. This makes Brazil a good breeding ground for social networks, which have fairly saturated its market in Europe and the US.

The profession of community manager and social media is on the rise in Brazil and that’s why we have made a selection of them to rank where Alianzo algorithm determines which one is more influential.

In the first three positions we find Erico Rocha, Edney Souza and Alexandre Inagaki and we will analyze their personal strategy in Social Media.

Edney Souza gets a very good score in his blog where he writes about developments in social networks and Internet. In the blog he has linked all his social networks and you can see their updates without leaving it. With this he achieves a very good synergy between the contents of his blog and social networks.

Erico Rocha does better on facebook and youtube. In this latter network he has 94,253 subscribers and published 403 videos whose content is about social media marketing and interviews with people that raise questions and concerns.

Alexandre Inagaki prefers google +, where he obtains a very high score according to our algorithm. He has over one million followers that enjoy content on social media, events and personal views of the author.