/How our tool decides who is the best one in Linkedin

How our tool decides who is the best one in Linkedin

Do you want to know what do we take into account when doing a ranking of Linkedin in Alianzo? It’s so easy.

We pay attention on this that for sure is lazy enough to you to do: validations of your skills and knowledge. Because one thing is that you say that you are brilliant in social media and other different thing is that other 25 people confirms this. You never think that this would be useful for something, right? Now you know that we “trust” the aptitudes that you claim to have. That is to say, both the ones that validates you and the ones who not. You know that you can have a maximum of 50.

The thing is that we want to know your opinion. What do you think about our way to calculate it? Would you like to tell our robot that for you recomendations of people that has work with you are more important? Or you think that is more important to “sell yourself” in your extract? We are all ears.