/Iran’s brands are the ones to most use Facebook

Iran’s brands are the ones to most use Facebook

Did you know that Iran’s brands are the ones that most use Facebook?
What about Bangladesh’ companies having the highest percentage of Instagram profiles? We have analyzed all brands included in Alianzo that have at least one social media from the 25 most populated countries in order to find out which social networks they use among Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram. And these are the main results:


Iran stands out as the country with the highest percentage of use by brands (86%), followed by Turkey (84%), Vietnam (83%), Spain (80%), Italy (79%), Brazil (78%), Mexico (77%) and Egypt (76%). All of them are also countries in which Facebook is widespread.


Nigeria leads this time as 91% of its companies are on this social network, followed by Indonesia (88%), the UK (88%), South Africa (85%), Mexico (84%), Egypt (84%), India (83%) and the US (83%).


Spain is the country where people and companies most use this social channel, as 45% of its brands are on Youtube. It’s followed by Egypt (40%), Thailand (39%), Bangladesh (36%), Mexico (35%), Italy (32%), Colombia (29%) and The Philippines (27%).


Egypt is amazingly at the top of this network, as 32% of its companies do use it for sharing their content. Spain comes afterwards (23%), followed by France (21%), Nigeria (20%), Korea (19%), Italy (18%), Germany (18%), the UK (16%), India (16%) and Thailand (16%).


This network is not so widespread but is the one that has grown the most during 2014. Bangladesh leads with 18% of its brands on Instagram, followed by Colombia (14%), Thailand (13%), Egypt (12%), Spain (12%), Brazil (11%), Mexico (11%) and Italy (10%).

We could have also analyzed VKontakte and Weibo, but as you know they mostly have Russian and Chinese companies. Alianzo also includes these data.

Note: We have excluded Ethiopia, Myanmar and the Congo Republic from the top 25 most populated countries and they almost have no companies on Alianzo. We included in their place Colombia, South Korea and Spain.