/Aggregated profiles, a new functionality of Alianzo Analytics

Aggregated profiles, a new functionality of Alianzo Analytics

Many of our Alianzo Analytics users might have faced the situation of having many individual profiles created in Benchmark, and of wanting to see the total data volume together in one screen. For example, the same company can have different profiles on social media depending on the language or the country (Company A UK, Company A Spain, Company A France). Another option could be a company that has different accounts depending on their use, that is, a customer care account, a corporate account and an account for social issues.

For these reasons we have created the aggregated profile, a new functionality that allows the user to group all the data accumulated in their individual profiles in just one profile inside the benchmark section. This way the information of your social networks will be displayed all together, and comparing yourself with competitors will be easier.


What is an aggregated profile and what is it for?

Through Alianzo Analytics many individual profiles can be created, depending this number on the hired pricing plan. A company, brand or person can create these profiles basing on their interests, so then, when does the term aggregated profile come into play?

It is a profile that adds up data from the previously created profiles. You can choose those you wish to be included according to your needs. Its function is to facilitate the display of aggregated data and allow its comparison them with other aggregated profiles from competitors.

Who is it for?

Its use is directed to companies that have many profiles in different countries and even different languages (for instance, a car brand can have several social profiles in different languages), or to other companies that have different accounts for different uses (customer care, corporate information, etc). It’s also aimed at companies with profiles that use diverse hashtags and want to measure the generated noise on social media. This latter is not implemented yet, but we will do it soon.

Only those users who have hired Alianzo Analytics’ payment service will enjoy this functionality.

Remember that if you have any doubt regarding any of the Alianzo Analytics’ functionalities or any of our products, you can check our support (FAQ) and solve it.