/2014-2015 Champions’ League: English teams rule on Social Media

2014-2015 Champions’ League: English teams rule on Social Media

Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC are the three English football teams that have played the 2014-2015 Champions League. According to Alianzo Rank’s algorithm, they also follow the best social media strategy and among them, Arsenal FC ranks the first position. It stands out bacuese it is present in all the social networks, including the Chinese and Russian social networks, Weibo and Vkontakte. It also remarkable that Arsenal FC takes part on its followers life through a mobile app that keeps them informed of the latest news on real time.

But we cannot forget the rest of the teams that have taken part on the competition. They are awesome teams both on the field and on social networks!

Therefore, we have analysed how the football teams participating on the 2015 Champions’ League do on Social Media. As a result, we have obtained a ranking with their scores on social networks.

By observing this ranking, it is clear to say that behind every football team there is a communication team that manages and plans their social networks’ strategy and generates the content that millions of fans and followers are interested in. The Alianzo Rank score they get is very high, between 80 and 99 points.

The work they do on the main social networks, facebook, twitter and youtube, is obviously perfectly coordinated. They take advantage of Instagrams’ visual potential, by uploading well crafted images, and their large number of followers, where they get very good scores. Many of the analysed footbal teams are present in the Russian social network Vkontakte and the Chinese one, Weibo.

Something that has really attracted our attention is that most of the teams have their own mobile app. They use apps as a communication tool and it is actually a trend that is excelling also as an important marketing tool. Followers can access all the information of a brand/team by just having a mobile device, anywhere and anytime. Nevertheless, what happens to be curious is that not all of the football teams offer the possibility to download these apps on their official websites. Why would they miss mobile apps potential?