/So now blogs are healthy!

So now blogs are healthy!

The last thing a blogger needs to be told is that maintaining his blog not only is amusing (and sometimes profitable), but also it can be healthy. And I’m not joking. It is claimed by Michael Stora, a French psychologist and psychoanalysts who has just published a book about this topic titled “To be cured by the virtual“.

The specialist doesn’t only assure it in his book, but he has also opened a video games workshop in his surgery to treat children with psychic problems. According to his theory, chatters manage to reveal dreams and wishes which are repressed during their real lives. In some cases, as it happens with homosexual people, this allows them to gather the energy to, then, free themselves completely.

Others chat to mend normal life’s frustrations; this is the case of people who are not happy with the way they look. Stora hasn’t reached the point of using the chat as a therapy, but he has treated some patients via MSN.As for the blogs, this psychologist thinks they allow exhibitionists to free their imagination. ‘Any creative activity plays a therapeutic part because it helps us to space out the image we have of ourselves’. And as if that were not enough, in the youth’s opinion blogs are a new way of transgressing and meeting with ‘mates’.