/Where does ?microsano? come from?

Where does ?microsano? come from?

Probably, ‘Microsano? is the most searched word in the whole Internet for a few hours now. Technorati says that, at least, it is the most wanted term in the blogosphere, gaining positions to politics, economics, culture and even the most interesting TV phenomena in the USA, which is normally the central axle of the net. For once, Spain will be the leader.We had to launch the HazRuido competition, and Miguel Cuesta had some options. But none of them was convincing enough for us and we wanted to know the opinion of a brand expert.So we phoned Alvaro Andoin, who came up with the word. We liked it immediately because it is easy to pronounce and could even mean something. And the results prove us right.By the way, the expansion speed of ?microsano? in the blogosphere has been miles faster than in Google, which doesn’t show any results yet. On the other hand Yahoo! offers now several results, although it keeps suggesting other formulas such as micros + ano (ano means ?arse? in Spanish); what the hell are they thinking off?