/Gencat, Web 2.0 in the civil service

Gencat, Web 2.0 in the civil service

Catalonia has always been ahead from the rest of the country as far as using new technologies is concerned, so I?m not surprised that Generalitat de Catalunya, the Catalonian government, is the first civil service in Spain to use Web 2.0. They admit that ?it has been a radical change?.The truth is that, beyond technology, these Web pages are really dedicated to the citizens that must use them, which isn?t a very common practice in the public sector. This new 800.000 euros Web page (and that is not very expensive for this type of products) doesn?t see the user as simple receivers of the services, but as someone that can contribute with something.The result of this attitude is a more participative and exploited product and a service that fits in the transparent and democratic aims that should rule civil services. The Generalitat wants to offer services ?based on the collective intelligence of the people?, which is just what Web 2.0 is looking for.These are some of the innovations in Gencat.net:- The use of Ajax- RSS syndication of all the contents- Advanced research with Google technology- Wikimaps with completely georeferenced data- Blog-based services- Social networks (the e-Catalunya project, that we have already mentioned before)- The creation of a gencat.lab: an innovation laboratory open to external beta testers- Positioning of all the pages for Google through a reorganization of all the data