/Youtube also beats Dailymotion in France

Youtube also beats Dailymotion in France

I thought Dailymotion was bigger than Youtube in France, but it’s not. According to ComScore, the Google’s site had 15 million viewers in January 2009, 3,000 more than Dailymotion. The gap has even increased since 2008, which is shocking.

Both sites offer the same product with a slight difference: Dailymotion is more European in all senses, so erotic videos are not forbidden, as they are in Youtube. Besides that, their model is very similar and I’d say Dailymotion is not beating Youtube in any European country. In Spain it’s not even the second site, as Hong Kong based Megavideo and Spain based Tu.tv have a higher traffic, according to Alexa. Some porno video sharing sites are also developing high traffics.

Megavideo is a very interesting case. This site was created in 2007 and its main feature is that they reward video publishers. According to Techcrunch, its main goal is to beat Youtube. Besides, it’s among the top 10 video sites in France, with an impressing increase of 213% during 2008, and third in terms of number of videos, right after Youtube and Dailymotion.