If you have more than 20 friends on Facebook, you could be in trouble in Europe

Beware of what you do on Facebook if you have more than 20 friends. According to Spanish Data Protection Agency, 20 is the limit between private and public stuff. So if you have more friends you can not share whatever with them. And this applies to any EU country, as the data protection regulation is the same Europe-wide.

This is what the director of the Data Protection Agency says:
– If you upload a picture to your profile, you should ask permission of anybody who is the photo, as pictures are considered personal data, subject to this regulation.
– You are not supposed to register your personal social network in any public registry (there is such a registry in Spain for all commercial data bases).
– This works on any social network, and not just on Facebook. If you have a public profile, it does not matter if you have less than 20 friends.

Jose A. del Moral

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  1. Ben PItman
    February 2, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    So wait im confused does this mean if you have less than 20 firends your privacy is still intact? the last sentance suggests otherwise?