/Top social networks in 2008

Top social networks in 2008

According to ComScore, as reported by TechCrunch, these were the top social networks one month ago:

1. Facebook: 200 million visitors worldwide in November 2008
2. MySpace: 126 m.
3. Hi5: 58 m.
4. Orkut: 46 m.
5. Friendster: 31 m.
6. Bebo: 24 m.
7. Tagged: 22 m.
8. Netlog: 21 m.

What I think the most interesting is that:

– Orkut and Hi5 are huge even if they are only working in some countries. It’s also the case somehow of Friendster and Bebo.

– Netlog is the only non-US social network to make it to this top. What’s wrong in Europe?