/Spanish becomes the first language on Netlog

Spanish becomes the first language on Netlog

Spanish is already the language with the most speakers on Netlog, the only European-wide social network. It has 41.9 million users and 8.1 have Spanish as their first language, right before English, French and Turkish. Is it going to beat Facebook in Europe? I really doubt it, but Index Ventures backed it with a 5 million euros investment. The good thing is that it has a big difference with Facebook: 50% of its users have are younger than 20 years old.


The main advantage of Netlog is that it is quite strong in several countries, and not just in its home country, Belgium. In Europe, but also in Africa and the Middle East. Besides, it had revenues of 1 million euros in 2006, which should have grown a lot in 2007 and 2008 (no public data yet). Besides, they don’t just come from advertising, as 20% of them came from micro payments thru SMS.

Main countries in terms of users in Netlog (source: Media Kit)
1. Italy: 6.6 million
2. Belgium: 5.5
3. Turkey: 5
4. Switzerland: 2.7
5. Germany: 2.6
6. France. 2.1
7. Austria: 1.8
8. Slovenia: 1.1
9. Saudi Arabia: 1.1
10. Spain: 0.8