/Brazil leads the world in terms of Twitter penetration

Brazil leads the world in terms of Twitter penetration

Brazil is the country in the world with the largest Twitter penetration, as 23% of Internet users in this country are using this social network. According to comScore, social media accounts for nearly 20% of Brazilians’ time spent online, making it one of the top online activities in the country. The top network keeps being Orkut, reaching 29.4 million visitors.

Facebook.com secured the #3 spot with nearly 9 million visitors while Twitter.com reached 8.6 million visitors. Orkut displayed by far the strongest audience engagement with visitors averaging 4.6 hours on the site during the month, viewing 657 pages of content on average and visiting the site on 35 different occasions.

These are the main social networks in Brazil:
1. Orkut: 29.4 million users
2. Windows Live: 12,5
3. Facebook: 8.9
4. Twitter: 8.6
5. Formspring: 3.6
6. Sonico: 1.7
7. Ning: 1.6
8. Linkedin: 1.5
9. Multiply: 1.4
10. Vostu: 1.1