/Let’s discover world’s top airlines in social media

Let’s discover world’s top airlines in social media

In Alianzo we love traveling and we have perceived that more and more airlines are using social media to be in contact with their clients.

This is why we have carried out a deep analysis to discover the world’s top airlines that best do in social media. Here you have the 5 leaders:

Cahay Pacific and Air New Zeland are leading the list. Despite the fat that they were founded in the forties, they have been able to catch up and adapt themselves to their customers’ necessities. In my opinion, their different profiles in the social media can serve as an example of great management of these tools.

Their activity is constant, they answer all questions, complaints or criticism, they advertise special offers and news… To sum up, they seem to use the social media as a key element of their business strategy.

 Qatar Airways is in the third position. This company has more than a million followers on Facebook and does a fantastic job in terms of customer service through social media.

 The social media that are most used by these companies are Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. Some airlines like Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic or Qatar Airways, are now introducing themselves in the world of Instagram, Linkedin, Foursquare or Pinterest but they still do not have enough impact or have not taken care of them properly.

 It is interesting to highlight that most airlines have successfully interconnected all their social networks so that the user can easily and quickly access what he or she looks for. Moreover, the companies take advantage of the importance of their own Facebook, Twitter or web page to make the client follow them in all the media in order to foster customer loyalty.

 These five airlines are between the most luxurious ones in the entire world, therefore, their positioning in social media is in accordance with it: they try to transmit the quality of their service, their planes’ comfort and the amazing experience of traveling with them.

 To end up, I would like to comment that social media have become almost an obligation for these companies. It is difficult to find an airline with no Twitter or Facebook. We can conclude that they have really appreciated the advantages of using the social media to manage their businesses.

 ¿Do you miss any airline? ¿What have you experienced with airlines and social media?

 If you want to go into detail about this you can watch the complete presentation of the study:

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