/Oscar 2.0

Oscar 2.0

“Some people compare the Crunchies to the Oscars of Tech”, says TechCrunch today. It really looks like that: many Internet stars, hollywood-style party, US-centered with an international section… There is one big difference, though: people could vote. Will we ever have an Oscar 2.0 edition in which movie-lovers will be able to vote?

And the winners are:
– Best Application Or Service: Google Reader (I agree)
– Best Technology Innovation/Achievement: Windows Live Mesh (I voted for Facebook Connect)
– Best Design: Cooliris (did not vote for this one)
– Best Bootstrapped Startup: GitHub (did not vote for this one)
– Most Likely To Make The World A Better Place: GoodGuide (I voted for Kiva)
– Best Enterprise Startup: Amazon Web Services (I voted for Google Apps)
– Best International Startup: eBuddy (did not vote for this one)
– Best Clean Tech Startup: Project Frog (I voted for Better Place)
– Best New Gadget/Device: iPhone 3G (agree)
– Best Time Sink Site/Application: Tap Tap Range (did not vote for this one)
– Best Mobile Startup: Evernote (agree)
– Best Mobile Application: imeem mobile (did not vote for this one)
– Best Startup Founder: Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone (agree)
– Best Startup CEO: Mark Zuckerberg (voted por Zappos’ Tony Hsieh)
– Best New Startup Of 2008: FriendFeed (voted for Yammer)
– Best Overall Startup In 2008: Facebook (agree)