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Schools for entrepreneurs

When I became an entrepeneur, you had to do it all by yourself. There were no mentors nor schools. You could learns some theory from the Government and that was it. But things have changed. Now you can go to entrepreneurs’ school and the good news is that the teachers are successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs and investors with a real experience.

These are the main schools I know in Europe:

Innovate Europe. Backed by US-based GuideWire Group and the city of Zaragoza, in Spain, it wills to find and back Europe’s highest potential startup companies through short events in several cities.

SeedRocket. Backed by a group of Spanish entrepreneurs and based in Barcelona, it offers seed money and mentorship for young entrepreneurs willing to create a digital startup. It selects entrepreneurs twice a year.

SeedCamp. The leader in Europe, it is offering camps and minicamps for entrepreneurs from all around Europe. Its main camp is held in London, but this year it has started minicamps in Tel Aviv, Paris, Warsaw, Slovenia, Berlin and Helsingborg. The Paris one is opened to entrepreneurs from Spain (registration before February, 9th). Minicamps are one day events in which 20 early stage web tech startups face 50 entrepreneurs and investors for panel discussions and presentations and informal 1:1 sessions. The teams will again be invited to apply for Seedcamp Week in September 2009 held in London, whereby 20 teams are selected from around the EMEA to attend and compete for seed funding and garner world-class connections for start-ups. Along with this, Seedcamp may also invest locally into a start up team that has an exceptionally winning formula.