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Social Networks everywhere

The social networking phenomenon is having an increasingly important and fast growth. This influence has also reached TV. In recent years, the TV has change its conventional pillars. Anywhere, anytime and anyone are values and pillars that make life easier for users and have been very well understood by huge technology companies such as Samsung,LG…

Social Networks and the possibility of sharing content, are two of the main functions of Smart TVs.

Just as Social Networks adapted to the mobile market during the boom of Smartphones,now they will become popular applications for Smart TVs.

All main suppliers, including Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp and Philips, have added the most important social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Google, Talk or Skype) in their latest devices  because consumers do not bother paying more for a live content and simultaneous enjoyment with friends via Social Networks (25% according to Ericsson).
In entertainment series we can also see that Social Networks are very popular in our daily lives. Terms like “pinterested”, “seen on facebook”, “retweet” are  beginning to be used increasingly.

Interactive TV will have an hybrid long period of coexistence with conventional models, but it will surely succeed.